When I met Adi — My Spiritual Journey

This is a story about how even when they are completely out of your control and you feel like everything is going wrong, solutions will arise, because this universe blesses us.

It was a terrible snowstorm that night. All I was doing though was sitting in the bus, hoping that I could make the last bus to Pennsylvania. I was on a bus from Northampton to New York City and it was snowing so bad, we had to take a detour and the bus was stuck on a hill in the slippery, icy snow.

A bus full of strangers in the dark, with a bus driver trying to make the bus go a little bit higher up the hill in the dark. We had already taken a detour and was 5 hours late. I think that bus ride was 7 hours long.

I was really worried and knew that I probably wasn’t going to make the last bus. I was frantically calling my boyfriend telling him that I wasn’t going to make it, and that I needed to find a place to stay that night in NYC. I didn’t know anyone for sure, and was about to head all over to Parsons to stay with Tina’s friend. It was a scary time for sure, and it was a sad moment.

Thankfully, my boyfriend found a hostel for me to stay at for $70 that night just down the road from Port Authority.

That night, I met Adi, who was the host of the hostel. He was an interfaith spiritual leader and speaker, as far as I could tell from all the articles and newspapers on the coffee table. He received me with open arms. I felt so relieved to be under his care for the night. He showed me my room, which more resembled a small closet with a raised bed and neatly folded blue and yellow towels laid on it. He showed me the food, all vegetarian. He showed me the bathroom, where I could shower, with a bunch of toiletries left by the community. Everything was there at the hostel for me. Everything I needed was right in front of me.

All of the meditation books laid out in the living room were inspiring. I learned about Adi’s work. He was a famous leader in the interfaith religious community. He was going to feed the homeless at 9am, but he took the time to answer my questions when i asked him. I wanted to ask him about the right path.

He sat down with me, in a barely lit stairwell, since it was 2am. The hostel was asleep.

I was received in a frenzy, terrified, wanting to feel loved and at home. Adi took care of me. And he told me about the eightfold path, and how I was thinking the right thought, and now it was the right action. He was so calm and patient with me, a teacher, naturally.

And when I left, I wish that I got to see Adi again. I walked around his office, tracing how a life can be so well intentioned and purposeful.

He was already on his way to go help the homeless, feed them.

I was flabbergasted at how much service he showed.

Thank you Adi, for your service, and for directing me towards a right way.




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