Musings of a 24 year old startup founder — week of 2/28

Miche Wong
2 min readFeb 28


There’s always gonna be another mountain.
  1. Secrets passed between two people is ok. If there are more, and funds for paying for Vercel, you can share secrets via ```vercel dev```.
  2. Building is the best part of starting a startup. Fundraising sucks, but it will come. The right investors will come at the right time. I have faith you will find us.
  3. Communication about what we are going to do as a team is super important — no one should never know what we are doing. Sprint planning and alignment is crucial for any team. I’m so excited that we have a beautiful amazing sprint for our users by the end of these two weeks. LFG.
  4. Love yourself, take care of yourself, take care of your team, take care of your users.
  5. People are confusing. Some give you a vibe. Some don’t vibe at all. Some believe in you, some don’t get it. It’s all okay. Keep pushing forward.
  6. Taking care of your family and your friends is one of the most important things outside of working hard to communicate and get work done with your team.
  7. Love your friends, love yourself. Love your people.
  8. Push the conversation forward. You are a living working example of how an individual can defy the odds of the confines of Silicon Valley.
  9. You can do it. You can code. You can build. You can debug. You can motivate. You can sell. You can communicate. You can care. You can share. You can thank. You can focus. You can wash your dishes.
  10. Let’s go, Miche! Ok, this has turned into a self hype post now, but I hope you enjoy looking into my brain. It’s been insane lately.
  11. Mental health has been a shit show — but I am doing okay. I will be taking extra care this week since it’s been a wild ride, but I love you all and thank you all for being on this journey with me.

Take care, for real.

❤ M



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